How we think and work

Somewhere inside every brand lies a unique promise, which is why our task is to preserve or even bring back your brand’s USP. This in turn requires strategic consultation and unusual advertising.


In order to be able to advise you properly, we listen carefully to your needs. As an agency, we need to understand your business and your plans, which is why our work doesn’t begin with briefings. As a partner, we aim to gain a fresh viewpoint that enables us to see things that people inside your company do not see – or have stopped seeing. Often that leads us to question established situations. We don’t always say yes to everything. But it is only in this way that we can create something new together. Once we have worked out the basic strategy, we can start thinking in terms of words and pictures.


Advertising has to give life to brands in the minds of consumers – passionate, assertive life. We don’t aim for colourful imagery and witty wording. We want people to like, be familiar with, and be loyal to your brand, and we use all sorts of media to achieve that. Of course, advertising can be entertaining too – provided you’ve done your homework!